Best product on a lonely island


photo-1432713643391-77a1b3f57e84 - CopyLet’s say we at Webguy Themes are developing the best WordPress theme ever created.

Our theme has a unique design, an intuitive user interface and excellent support. Also, it will have excellent documentation, and the whole concept is a genius. Even if all this will happen (and it will), how many sales will we have if we just put this theme on our site for sale and wait?

The simple answer is that we will have no sells or almost none. Why is that?

Why will no one come to buy our fantastic WordPress theme? We need (like any other business) to have people who know about our products, understand the benefits and one who needs it. We need marketing.

The marketing goal is to find our target audience. To find our potential customers so they can hear about our products, and give them the opportunity to buy it. Our marketing should create as many sale opportunities as possible to buy the product.

We are approaching the end of the development phase of one of the most complete and advanced WordPress themes. We call our theme a package cause it comes with a few important plugins we developed for it. How should we make our potential customers know about us?

First, we should define who is our customer, or better even, who is our dream customer? Then we can look for him.

Our Dream Customer

  1. Our dream client is a website developer/designer,  who uses WordPress as his websites platform.
  2. Our dream customer is one who understands how important is a great design.
  3. Our dream customer is one who understand and appreciate the quality of the code for speed, performance, and lack of bugs (errors).
  4. Our dream client knows that there is nothing like great documentation to save him time. It will make the website development faster and easier.
  5. Our dream customer will buy our products many times cause he will be so happy about them.
  6. Our dream customer will be so happy about our products so he will recommend them to his colleagues. He will even write about it in his blog, and he will share his enthusiasm for them in his social networks.
  7. And our dream customer will ask for enhancements, fixes. He will also suggest us all kind of suggestion to make our products even better.

So now, that we know who are our dream customers, all we should do is find them, and let them know about ourselves and our products.

Where will we find our dream customer

I believe that when one have a winning product the dream customers are looking for him. They don’t know that, but they are looking for a good reliable product with good functionality and superb design. They are looking for a new, and unique theme that doesn’t look the same as so many other websites who looks the same because they use the same themes. They are looking for a theme built by professionals with a lot of experience.

Our dream clients are searching for us, for our products. They want to buy products made passionate professionals who will listen to every suggestion and fix any bug or error in lightning speed.

Where does our dream client look for all of it?

  • Many bloggers write about WordPress in general, WordPress themes, and about WordPress plugins. Our dream client reads these blogs. I think we should ask these bloggers to write about us, and our products. We can give them the option to test it, play with it, and write about it.
  • There are many forums and groups about web development and WordPress development. Our dream customers are searching for tips in these groups and forums. If we publish on these forums and groups about our products, our dream clients will read about it.
  • There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of sites about WordPress that have Ads. It might be Google Ad sense or other Ads. In any case, our dream client is there. I think we should publish there as well about our products.
  • Taboola & Outbrain have impressive publishing platforms. These companies enable every site with good content to publish on their platforms. I think we should use that as well.
  • There are many companies, website, people with extensive newsletter lists. These lists are all about web design, web development, and WordPress. We should offer them to send their audience about our products. We can even offer them to use affiliate links, so they can enjoy making the connection. This is a true WIN-WIN-WIN situation. We will have the sale, the client will enjoy our WordPress theme, and they will get the commission. I think we should use this as well.

Now I have some marketing work to do. In addition to development work, QA work, documentation to produce and more.

Many of you, my readers have a vast marketing experience. Do you have any idea / suggestion about how can we reach our dream customers?

If you have, please write us in the comments below. Thanks!